UPN Scholarships

This Year's Winners



Beginning this scholarship season, Urban Pilots Network is thrilled to offer two scholarships to its members aspiring to pursue a career in aviation:

  • Aviation Excellence Sponsorship in partnership with the Dream Never Dies Foundation.

  • Air Canada Scholarship in partnership with Air Canada.

Applicants may apply to both scholarships alongside any other UPN scholarships and grants for the same calendar year. Both scholarships make possible the attainment of an Aviation Bachelor's degree, a two- year Aviation Diploma, or pilot license/certifications. Winners are determined in a competition among eligible applicants, that is judged by a UPN Scholarship Committee.

  • Aviation Excellence Scholarship:

In partnership with the Dream Never Dies Foundation (DNDF), this scholarship is open each year to Urban Pilots Network (UPN) members who have successfully participated in UPN community programs offered throughout the Greater Toronto Area and who aspire towards professional careers in aviation. Awards for scholarship recipients start at a minimum of $1,000 but vary from year to year. Multiple applicants can receive different levels of awards based on the strength of their application.

  • Air Canada Scholarship:

In partnership with Air Canada, this scholarship is awarded to one individual yearly. The objective of the Air Canada Scholarship is to provide financial support for Urban Pilots Network members who aspire towards professional careers as commercial pilots or aircraft maintenance engineers at Air Canada. The Air Canada Scholarship is funded solely by Air Canada, with a yearly pledged amount of $2,000. All funds are held in a bank account by Air Canada and distributed via cheque directly to the recipient.

Applications open Nov 1, 2023 and close March 1, 2024.


Eligiblity for Award

  • GPA

    Applicants must demonstrate a 2.5 grade average or higher during the last two years (i.e., grade 11 and 12) of secondary/pre-university preparatory schooling or during current post-secondary year. Transcripts must be official academic transcripts with school seal.

  • Aviation Program Enrollment

    Applicants must be a part of an accredited post-secondary aviation program, an Integrated Airline transport program (IATPL), a modular (self-paced) Commercial license program, or a modular Private Pilot License program with the intent of progressing towards a Commercial license program. The applicant must provide proof of enrollment in either of these programs. Letter from the institution is acceptable as proof of enrollment.

  • Aviation Program Interest

    Applicants must also demonstrate a keen interest in aviation with proof of being part of aviation activities (i.e., air cadets, flight training, volunteerism within aviation, etc.).

    Applicants must show proof that they are accepted into, or are currently enrolled into a post-secondary institution, an Integrated Airline transport program, a modular (self-paced) Commercial license training program, or a modular Private Pilot License program with the intention of progressing to a commercial license.

    Applicants in the relevant age group (i.e., high school seniors or those completing the last year of college preparatory work) must be planning to graduate high school during the winter or by the end of the spring school year.

  • Age

    Applicants of all ages are considered for the Aviation Excellence Award that meet all application criteria.

  • *Additional Notes*

    Applicants of the Air Canada Scholarship must meet additional eligibility criteria as listed below:

    1). Applicants must show financial need.

    2). Pilot applicants must have a Category One Medical and must have soloed.

Scholarship Not Available

  • To applicants who do not intend to work without interruption for an Aviation Bachelor's degree, towards Integrated or Modular Commercial Program completion, or completion of an Aviation Diploma or certificate.

This scholarship is in partnership with The Dream Never Dies Foundation